3 Reasons To Get A Water Purifier Dispenser For Your Office

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An accessible source of drinking water is necessary for any workplace. Well-hydrated employees are both happier and healthier, raising workplace productivity by a significant degree. For the best results, you have to make sure that your water source is cost-effective, safe, and fuss-free.

This is where water purifier dispensers come in. As the name suggests, they purify water straight from the piping and provide you with a constant supply of fresh, sanitary drinking water.

A good water dispenser can have health benefits and boost the morale of your employees. There are several reasons why you would want one or a few of these appliances around your office. Here are just a few of them.

Maintains employee health

While you probably cannot control the water piping infrastructure in your office building, you can still ensure that water is safe before it reaches your employees. The best water dispensers in Singapore have extensive filtration systems, designed to remove contaminants from your water. From activated carbon filters to ultrafiltration units, their multi-staged systems can sieve out even the smallest impurities.

The most prominent of these contaminants are disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. If any of your workers were to ingest water contaminated with these microbes, they may experience symptoms like fever, nausea or vomiting.

Instead, having purified drinking water can help you avoid this situation. Heathier staff will be able to focus more on their work, improving workplace productivity.

Furthermore, excellent water purifier dispensers can remove foul-tasting particles. This improves the taste of dispensed water, encouraging staff to hydrate themselves more often. 

Boosts morale

Everyone takes for granted when a workplace has a high-quality water purifier dispenser, but people take notice when the office lacks one. While understated, a good water dispenser is key to maintaining workplace morale.

First of all, the very presence of a water dispenser means that workers do not have to lug a huge water bottle to work every day or spend their hard-earned money buying bottled water, just to ensure they get enough hydration.

As mentioned before, robust filtration systems can expel several impurities from the water. Other than microbes, they also filter out foul-smelling or foul-tasting chemicals such as rust, chlorine, and chloroform, leaving purified water with a refreshing neutral taste.

You probably will not be getting rave reviews on the excellent taste of your water, but you will certainly avoid a host of morale-dampening inconveniences.

Finally, if you get a hot and cold water purifier, employees can get water at their preferred temperature. While some are partial to the soothing comfort of warm water, others prefer the refreshing nature of cold water. Giving employees the flexibility to choose can have a subtle uplifting effect on their mood. 

Reducing costs & increasing convenience

At this point you may be wondering – why not get a bottled water cooler instead? While water coolers come with pre-treated containers of distilled water, they are not as convenient to manage.

Water coolers require constant replacement of water bottles as they run dry, and failure to do so can lead to a period where your office is left without a source of drinking water.

The same goes for companies that choose to purchase packages of disposable plastic water bottles. While this can be a decent option in the short term, the costs start to add up rather quickly.

On the other hand, water purifier dispensers are directly connected to the building’s water piping system, so you save on the costs of buying new water bottles. Furthermore, you do not need to assign staff to continually maintain the dispenser. Maintenance is also simple, considering that the better water purifier filters typically have a lifespan of at least 6 months.


Keeping employees safe and happy should be any business owner’s number one priority, and an exemplary water dispenser can be an important step towards that goal. Clean water is an underrated, but essential part of any conducive work environment, so it is imperative that your office has an effective water purifier dispenser from a reputable provider.

Here at Purikool, we have a range of premium hot and cold water purifier dispensers for office use. Our products are fully equipped with state-of-the-art filtration systems and other convenient functions like continuous dispense and safety buttons. Give your employees a better peace of mind and health with our robust water purifier dispensers.