Benefits Of A Direct Piping Water Dispenser Over Bottled

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Whether you are looking to round off your pantry or kitchen, everyone could use a water dispenser in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. While bottled water dispensers have been in the market for a while, direct piping water dispensers have emerged as a cost-effective and convenient alternative. Being connected directly to the water inlet of your building, they are able to treat your water and save you a lot of hassle.

If you are deciding between these two options, here are some reasons why you should consider getting a direct piping water dispenser.

Unlimited supply

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you never run out of water with a direct piping water dispenser. As it is connected to your building’s water supply, you will be able to get freshly filtered water at any time of the day. For bottled water dispensers, you need to regularly replace their water bottles, which means that you could go for some time without having any drinking water to speak of. Considering you cannot control when you have the urge to drink, this is a less than ideal situation.

More cost-effective

Other than the water bill, and very occasional filter replacements, direct piping water dispensers have very few added costs after the initial purchase. As for bottled water dispensers, water bottles have to be periodically replaced as the drinking water is depleted. It goes without saying that bottled water is significantly more costly than tap water. This cost will be especially heavy for areas with numerous people sharing a single water cooler. What’s worse, your expenses increase significantly when people drink more water. Why punish yourself for living healthily? 

Less time and storage space used

Not having to replace the water bottles also saves several manhours. Since the water bottles are relatively heavy, not everyone will be able to replace them. Dedicated maintenance staff may need to be assigned to maintain these water coolers, where their time could be better spent elsewhere.

With a direct piping water dispenser, you also save significantly on storage space. Stockpiled water bottles would take up a significant amount of storage room, while having them delivered ad hoc would mean a period without water. With direct piping water dispensers, you avoid this situation entirely.

Reduced carbon footprint

With those water bottles come heaps and heaps of plastic. If you or your company are environmentally conscious, bottled water coolers may produce a level of waste you are not comfortable with. A direct piping water dispenser, on the other hand, produces minimal waste, and its filters typically need only be replaced on a biannual basis.

Other benefits

Depending on the provider, some direct piping water dispensers also double as a water purifier dispenser, which means that you can take charge over your water quality, rather than get it straight from a supplier. Without having to accommodate a bulky water bottle, the dispenser can afford to sport more stylish and compact designs. Purikool has tankless instant hot water dispensers which heat up and cool down water straight from the pipe, totally removing the chance of bacterial growth in a stagnant tank. 

To ensure that you get the water quality you deserve, be sure to purchase a direct piping water dispenser from a reliable vendor of water coolers in Singapore. Here at Purikool, we provide several of such options. From toxic chemicals to disease-causing microbes, our filtration systems can remove just about anything in the water that could cause you harm.