Do Air Purifiers Eliminate Mold?

What exactly is mold, and why is it such a problem?

For homeowners, finding and reducing mold that has grown indoors can be a nightmare. This obnoxious fungi family can rapidly spread easily on almost any household surface, and if not handled instantly, it can cause massive problems. Because mold is a type of fungus in high humidity and moisture, finding a huge source of mold inside can imply more serious issues in the home, such as pipe leaks, inadequate ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms, and overall high humidity. Mold growth in these areas can lead to more problems by decaying natural matter for food, affecting wood and fibers to decay.

Mold is one of the most dangerous fungi to have in your home. Mold spores released by mold can cause serious health problems. Non Toxic mold, in most cases, is still dangerous and can cause allergic reactions or even an asthma attack in patients suffering from these illnesses. Mold spores are small particles that are invisible to the naked eye, but these microorganisms are powerful enough to cause serious health problems in people who have respiratory disorders.

What Causes Mold to Grow?

Mold requires two components to flourish and thrive: a moist wound environment and a source of food. Mold can eat a variety of common household items, including wood, cloth, fibers, and even the natural residue and oils that we leave behind with the surfaces through touch. With so many potential food sources, moisture is the most important factor for mold growth. Mold can easily grow and spread indoors if the humidity level rises above 60%. Even low humidity levels can encourage mold growth if the other conditions are met.

Mold releases spores into the air in search of a suitable surface to grow on. Spores are tiny grain particles that float through the air until they land on a surface. If the spores look for food and water content, they will quickly take hold and expand. Mold spores can arise from other patches of mold growing inside the home, but they can also float in from the outside, especially in areas with excess moisture, fresh green areas nearby.

Can an air purifier aid in the treatment of mold?

Mold can be removed from your home with the help of an air purifier. All air purifiers will do a good job of removing mold spores from your home, but the better ones will obviously use true HEPA filters because mold spores caught on HEPA filters cannot be released and spread.

Removing microbes from the air is one of the most effective ways to combat mold because mold will not expand to other areas and will not grow if mold spores are removed. With a little washing effort, non-growing mold can be easily removed from the home.

Wrapping Up!

Cleaning visible mold on the wall or furniture is insufficient. Even if you use the strongest bleach available, the mold spores in the air will not be eliminated, and even if you clean all visible mold, the mold will expand back in a couple of days. You could run in cycles and play this cleaning and mold growth game indefinitely.

Mold spores must be removed from the air. Only after you are certain that all mold spores have been removed from the air can you wipe away the visible mold, and even then, there is a good chance that mold will return because you missed one of the mold sources. As a result, it is recommended to use the PURIKOOL cubeOn air purifier for a longer period of time to ensure that no mold spores are spread and that actual mold dies with time.


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