Four reasons you need to use air purifiers

Four reasons you need to use air purifiers

The air you breathe is extremely important to your health and should never be taken for granted. Polluted air will not only be present outside, but it will also be present inside, so the question is, are you prepared to tolerate the dirty air around you? I am confident that your answer would be no. Numerous studies have found that indoor air is frequently more polluted than outdoor air. Good quality of air is essential, and purchasing an air purifier can meet that need.

One of the best ways of cleaning the air is to use an air purifier. Investing in your health should have been the first and foremost priority for everyone, and an air purifier is the greatest of all investments. There are some contaminants that can be found in abundance at home or work, causing serious health issues. Instead of spending loads of money on curing diseases, you can prevent the disease from getting close to you.

Relieves Symptoms of Asthma

There are many different types of air purifiers on the market. The type of air purifier you want to buy is determined by your requirements. If you want an asthma air purifier or an allergy air purifier, look for air purifiers that can remove a greater number of dangerous airborne particles. Your goal should be to purchase an air purifier that can kill allergens ranging from the smallest to the largest. This necessitates the use of an air purifier capable of removing air particulates ranging in size from.3 to 5 microns. Smaller allergens, such as viruses and dust, can be easily trapped and killed by a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter removes 99.97% of such pollutants. If you are concerned about your or your family’s asthma, an air purifier is what you need.

If you have a newborn, an air purifier is a must

Many studies have found that if newborn babies are exposed to substances or toxins, they are more likely to develop dangerous diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Chemicals are easily absorbed by newborn babies, and pollutants can disrupt their body programming. This can lead to the formation of abnormal genes, which can cause serious problems later in life. These genes can be permanent and easily passed down through generations. So, if you don’t want your baby to be a victim of air pollution, it’s best to have clean and fresh air. That is only possible with the help of a suitable air purifier. Recent research has also shown that viruses and bacteria inhaled by pregnant women can be quickly transmitted to the unborn child, starting to cause DNA damage.

Air purifiers for cigarette smoke and tobacco

Cigarette and tobacco smoke not only harms the smoker but also endangers the lives of those who breathe it in. The smoke contains potentially carcinogenic compounds. Second-hand smoke contains the same amount of nicotine and tar as the smoke that the smoker is inhaling. It’s quite surprising that smoke in the air produces five times the amount of carbon monoxide. Filters in air purifiers can aid in the removal of smoke from the air. People who live in close quarters with smokers have a 20 to 30 percent chance of developing lung cancer or heart disease.

Reduces the Chances of Airborne Diseases

Airborne diseases like the common cold and flu are spread by tiny pathogens that float around. It is not uncommon for the rest of the family to become ill when one member of the family contracts the flu. This occurs because everyone is breathing the same air, which is contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

These bacteria and viruses are captured by air purifiers with HEPA filters. When you eliminate the source of airborne diseases, you protect yourself and your family from them. Air purifiers are essential if you live with the elderly, children, or anyone with a compromised immune system.

Wrapping Up!

The demand for air purifiers has increased due to a lack of ventilation in homes. They reduce indoor air pollution, but their filters have a limit. Some filters are only effective for two to three months, while others can last much longer. Continue to monitor the air filter indicator to ensure that you change filters at the appropriate times and maintain a clean indoor environment.


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