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Maintenance Service Package

Purikool is an established water dispenser supplier in Singapore. We offer affordable water filters, dispensers, and purifiers to improve the value of Singaporeans’ home and office spaces.

What We Provide

Visit Schedule Notice

Twice a year, every six months

Filter Replacement

Twice a year, every six months

Steam Sterilisation

Tank cleaning every visit

Total Service Check

16 points check, every visit

Additional Steam Care

Chopping Board and Sink steam every visit

Product Maintenance

Cleaning the product every visit

Service Card Record

Update your service record

Managing Service History Check

Update your record on our system

1:1 Customised and Professional Care

Direct client outreach

ECS Overall 16 Points Check

The 9 Step Process

<p><span style="font-size: 13px;">Carefully take the cover to expose the inside.</span></p>

1. Open the top cover

Carefully take the cover to expose the inside.

<p><span style="font-size: 13px;line-height:13px;">Making sure the tubes are pulled meticulously to remove filter contents.</span></p>

2. Take out the tubing and filter

Making sure the tubes are pulled meticulously to remove filter contents.

3. Flushing of the new filter

4. Steam sterilization

5. Steam sterilisation for dispenser

6. Steam sterilisation for an additional chopping board and sink bowl

7. Replace the filter and assemble

8. Cleaning Body

9. Update records on the service cards

ECS Package Video

Filter Replacement Schedule


Filter Replacement Schedule


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