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If you want to check how to install in your house case, please take photos and send via Whatsapp (9008-3265).

We are happy to assist you.

Installation Process

Find the suitable location of dispenser & connect the adaptor for water inlet.

We can suggest the best location of dispenser after checked Water point & power point nearby before installed.

[Service yard or below Sink area]

Check the water pressure

[Water pressure : 1.5~5kgf/㎠(0.15~0.5MPa) · Water temperature : 5~35℃]

Connection of water inlet to the dispenser

Open a hole kitchen top with wooden partition if needed [except Natural marble, granite or concert are subject to extra cost]

Filter flushing

We need to do manually flushing of new filters [except Puri Jiksoo as there are auto-flushing function]

Testing of Dispenser

Plug in the power and open the water valve to test it out. [power plug from the dispenser is 1.5metre long]

Clean up using vacuum machine

Clean up and pull it back to initial condition.

Explanation of use

Explain how to use the dispenser to client from the user manual

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