Puri Jiksoo ODT-004DU Pure White


[New Edition] Sleek and Stylish Tankless Water Purifier
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  • 2 Yrs Warranty for Parts and Labour + Extra 1 Yr Warranty for Parts only from Photo Review Event
  • 3 Year Filter Set (Included dispenser inside)

Extra filter set

Extra Warranty

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Puri Jiksoo features a modern, sleek design that will fit perfectly in any kitchen. It filters dirt, sediments, sand particles, and bacteria. Removes foul taste and odor from your faucet water, making it ready to drink anytime.

Puri Jiksoo is perfectly capable of dispensing cold, room, warm and hot water. UV-Automated sterilization keeps your water clean and healthy. Upgrade your lifestyle with the latest water purifier with the best Korean Technology. You get exactly what you need with a tap of a button – clean drinking water just the way you like it.



Dimension: 182(W) x 509(D) x 403mm(H)
Net Weight: 9.2kg
Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Heating type: Instant Heating
Cooling Type: Instant Cooling
Power Consumption: 23w(Cooling), 2600w(Heating)

Cold Temperature: 4°C
Room Temperature: 27°C
Warm Temperature: 45°C
Hot Temperature: 87°C
Water Pressure: 1 bar ~ 7 bar
Water Supply Temperature: 5 ~ 35°C(Heating)