Why do we need a tankless water purifier?

Traditional water tank dispensers still use tanks, and water remains stagnant or flow is absent. Sediments or bacteria may grow at the tank’s bottom, making the water more susceptible to algae growth.

Bacteria will thrive in a more closed environment. During water purification, water filters will sterilize the water with chlorine, to which filtration will remove some bacteria. Water dispensers will have carbon filters to remove chlorine taste for better flavor.

The TANKLESS Solution

Hygiene is everything

Tankless means a larger capacity of water. Instead of storing the water in the tank and waiting for it to be used, there will be less exposure to bacteria. Tanks aren’t often cleaned or maintained. Therefore bacterial growth and algae are more likely to grow in the water purifier.

Unless tanks are food-grade or stainless steel, steam sterilization and cleaning the tank every 4-6 months help reduce the risk of algae or bacteria. Going tankless takes this problem out of the picture. The water source is cleaner and has fewer chances of algae growth, not to mention some of them come with a 4 stage filter system like the beautiful metal grey Puri Jiksoo tankless water dispenser we have for sale.

Space-saving and sleek design

Without the tank, you can now save more space. From pipe to your water dispenser, there is no need for bulky space requirements. Purikool offers Electric Sterilizer (ES), which is self-cleaning the internal flow path by electrolysis sterilization. Water cleaning along its path is made possible through the unsighted internal water pipe.

Feel assured that the water from the pipe travels to the stainless steel coil system to prevent germs and contamination.

Gone are the days when bulky tanks were needed. Tankless water purifiers, like the Puri Jiksoo models we have, offer a minimalist look and a more compact design. Even with a small kitchen, your water purifier will fit right in without a problem. It also comes in a sleek, modern design to match your kitchen’s overall look!

(ES) electric sterilizer module

Purikool’s Tankless water purifier

Instant Heating and Energy-saving

Do you need to reheat your water? The tankless water purifier would instantly heat your water upon dispensing. You don’t have to heat water to keep the water warm or hot. Electricity cost with that model will utilize about 300W to 500W depending on tank capacity.

Tankless uses less electricity since it only uses the electricity when you need it. Tank-based purifiers may waste hot water when it’s unused. There is no need to reboil water. It is economical and energy-saving.

Easy to change filtration system

Without the tank, you can change the filtration system by yourself. With one touch, you can change the filter system. Once the filter is replaced, the drainage function is activated, so the water you drink is clean after a certain amount is drained.

There are also four filter systems to ensure your water is safe for drinking:
(1) Sedimentary filtration for solids removal, (2) Pre-carbon block to remove residual chlorine and disinfectant, (3) UF Membrane to filter our ultra-small micropores of harmful contaminants and bacteria, and finally, (4) Post Carbon Block to filter the remaining gas and chlorine absorbed for better taste.

Tankless is the more economical way to purify your water. Out with the bulky design and in with the sleek, minimal design. Not only can tankless provide for home use, but it can also provide for office spaces, cafes, and schools.

Our selection of tankless water purifiers are on sale at the moment, so why not grab one for your home or office today. For enquiries, please send it through our FB Messenger or WhatsApp.


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