12 Best Water Dispensers in Singapore for Clean Water (2020) By The Wedding Vow

Purikool, a Korea-owned company established since 2017, has came up with a slim, tankless water dispenser perfect for Singapore homes. Their latest Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D can effectively eliminate harmful substances from your drinking water with a unique combination of a 4-stage filter system and nozzle sterilization.

Purikool’s 4 stage filter system firstly includes a layer of sediment to filter out suspended solids such as rust, dust, and sand. Secondly, its pre carbon block absorbs and removes organic compounds like disinfectants and residual chlorine. Thirdly, the UF membrane consists of ultra-small micropores of 0.01 microns to filter pathogenic bacteria and harmful contaminants. Lastly, its post carbon block absorbs the remaining gas and chlorine to remove odours and provide better tasting water.

What’s great about the Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D is that it even features nozzle sterilization to completely sterilize every part of the process. As the nozzle is constantly exposed to the outside air, Purikool features a UV-C LED sterilization lamp to remove various germs from the nozzle. Moreover, the Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D even has an electric sterilizer module within to self-clean the internal flow path by electrolysis sterilization.

Stainless instant cooling and heating system
It is amazing how this compact (182mm width, 509mm depth, 404mm height) and sleek water dispenser can do more than what meets the eye. Its instant cooling and heating system allow you to get quick access to water at various temperature levels via its easy touch panel – cold water at 4°C, room temperature water at 27°C, warm water at 40°C, or hot water at 87°C.

We found this feature incredibly useful for the entire family as our parents both love drinking warm water and the occasional hot tea, while the younger ones prefer cold water.

Convenience built-in
The Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D also features a volume control button for varying quantity required – 120ml > 250ml > 550ml > infinity. It also provides a filter replacement indicator to inform you when to change your filters. The Puri Jiksoo OHC-7000D comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and labour and a second year warranty for parts.

Why buy this:
Complete filtration and sterilisation of water from dispenser to cup
Instant cooling and heating system with varying temperatures
Volume control & easy touch panel
Space-saving with sleek design
Quick response and reliable after sales service
Considerably affordable compared to other Korean tankless water dispensers in Singapore
Promo Code:
Use coupon code WVXPK_100off on Purikool’s website for a $100 off with a minimum spend of $700 and above

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