4 Reasons Why Drinking in a Water Purifier better than Bottled Water

When deciding on a water source for your home or business, bottled water, and filtered water are generally the two main options if you want to upgrade from tap water.

When it comes to drinking water, people prefer fresh, crystal clear water that does not have an unpleasant taste or bad smells, so they purchase bottled water. In today’s society, excellence is expected. People want high-quality products without having to wait, without breaking the bank, and without needing a harmful effect on the environment. Although bottled water frequently provides the clean taste that people desire, many people are unaware that they can get the same or even better quality of drinking water right from their tap and without the increased financial and environmental expenses. 

As the sale of bottled water continues to rise, it is clear that many people are unsure that some bottled water is simply filtered tap water, the same tap water that they can get at home. While some bottled water could meet expectations, the majority of households can obtain the same bottled water taste and quality with a household water system. Installing the appropriate water supply system for your home is a good investment that will make a significant difference in the quality of your drinking water. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of installing a drinking water filtration system.

  • Save money by making a better investment!

Many people buy bottled water because they dislike tap water for various reasons. No one wants to go out and buy water, but clever marketing companies have also made bottled water so appealing that folks are willing to pay extra for it. 

Although it sounds delicious, blind testing tests reveal that most people can’t tell the difference between dispensers and bottled water! Clearly, bottled water is a profitable business, but you won’t need to invest in it if you have a home drinking water purifier. Instead of spending money on bottled water, you can save money by getting the same great-tasting water right from your own faucet. By avoiding the purchase of bottled water, you will save money in the long run with a drinking water purifier.

With that said, you may be a householder who is aware that your water does not taste as good as bottled water, or that it has an odor. Installing a drinking water purifier is a simple solution that is a better long-term investment. Bottled water is only good for a quick drink, whereas a purifier can last a decade or more with proper maintenance. Consider how much it would cost to buy bottled water all of that time!

  • You Can Rely On It

Home purifiers provide secured, safe drinking water by filtering out or removing pollutants, particles, and some are even certified to effectively eliminate pollutants discovered in well water, such as sulfur. Municipalities are legally required to test the water before piping it to homes to ensure it is safe to consume. While bottled water is marketed as being safer and of higher quality, homeowners who have a reverse osmosis or carbon water filters will know their water is clean. Unfortunately, some bottled water simply taps water, and the consumer is being duped into purchasing the same water they could get from their tap.

  • Environment-Friendly

Water is a rich and diverse natural resource, but empty bottles from plastic bottles harm our environment. Unfortunately, the majority of plastic water bottles end up in the trash rather than being recycled. Water from the tap, on the other hand, can be consumed using a reusable container that does not need to be discarded or recycled.

Bottled water also has a significantly higher carbon footprint than tap water. Consider this: it takes energy to make all of the plastic bottles, to dispense the fluids into them and package them, to deliver it to the store, for you to go to the store and buy it (or have it delivered), and for the discarded bottles to degrade. All of this has an impact on our environment. Tap water does not have an additional carbon footprint than bottled water does, making it a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

  • Drinking-Water Supply That Is Convenient

When someone purchases bottled water, whether, in a five-gallon jug in a water cooler, an individual bottle, or a case of water, they only have access to the water that is available in that bottle or jug. Consider the cost of installing a drinking water purifier system at home. In reality, you have an infinite supply. Those who have a water purification system can get fantastic water in whatever quantity they require, whenever they need it.

Wrapping Up!

Purikool provides reliable advice and expertise when you most need a water filtration or purification system. 

Installing a drinking water purifier system in your home can not only provide you with the advantages of getting fresh clean water, but it is also a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than bottled water. When you choose purified water, you are saving money, getting high-quality drinking water you can rely on when and where you want it, and doing so without adversely affecting the environment.


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