Can Air Quality Affect Sleep?

The amount of moisture in the air has an important effect on the level of coziness in your home and can greatly change the quality of your sleep. Moist weather causes your home to feel warmer than it actually is. Itchy skin and dry nasal passages are caused by dry air. Both can have a significant impact on how well you sleep at night.

Sleep is critical to one’s health and daily performance. The quality of one’s sleep is related to the quality of one’s indoor air. Even if some people are in a good mood and sleep in bedrooms with low noise, moderate lighting, and a suitable temp, they cannot sleep well due to unhealthy air quality.

A variety of factors can influence our sleeping patterns

    • Stress
    • Sadness
    • Exhaustion
    • Extensive physical activity
    • Bereavement or depression
    • Noise
    • Light

The 5 Sleep Advantages of Using an Air Purifier

Using an air purifier in a bedroom can assist in dealing with any contaminants or air troubles that would normally interfere with sleep.

  • Enhanced Sleep Efficiency

When an air purifier is turned on 24/7. For the number of hours you spend in bed, you can expect a higher percentage of actual sleep time.

  • Improvements in Sleep Maintenance

There are few things more aggravating than having a set amount of time to sleep only to find yourself waking up earlier than necessary. Once you’ve fallen asleep, the goal is to stay asleep for as long as you planned or desired. This is known as sleep maintenance.

Puri jiksoo CubeOn air purifiers have been shown to create an environment that helps you stay asleep without waking up too early to get up but too late to go back to sleep.

  • Improved Sleep Continuity

People often sleep for longer periods of time after falling asleep due to the higher quality air produced by the air purifier. This allows beds to gain more of the perks of the sleep pattern because their sleep isn’t disrupted by waking up or anxiousness.

  • Falling Asleep More Rapidly

According to the SleepScore Sleep App that tracks, 60% of its participants sleep quicker. Attendees in the air purifier research stated that using the purifier managed to help them fall asleep more quickly.

Cleaner air in the bedroom means fewer itchy eyes, expiratory fits, and watery nostrils, all of which interrupt and startle sleep.

  • Improved Sleep

Sleeping with the air purifier, study participants felt they slept better overall and, most excitingly, awoke feeling much more rested than before. It stands to reason that all of the benefits mentioned thus far should work in tandem to help you feel more rested and energetic the next morning.


More naps do not always equate towards a more able to rest feeling, but if you’ve been obtaining far less than the required dose or waking up groggy, it’s possible that improving the air quality around you can also help you sleep better.

What harm can it do? Why not try with an air purifier and asleep purifier to see how great your nap can be?



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