How to Repair the 4 Most Common Air Purifier Problems

Air purifiers purify the air by removing pollutants, allergens, and microorganisms. We avoid inhaling them into our lungs by doing so. Breathing in allergens, microorganisms, and pollutants is hazardous to your health. Food preparation scents, smoking cigarettes, VOCs, dander, and house dust debris are examples of indoor pollutants. Common pollutants that end up in the environment.

While air purifiers can improve indoor air quality and reduce pollution, they can also cause a few issues. These issues can range from sensors that aren’t working to filters that emit odors and controls that aren’t responsive.

Would you like to see how to troubleshoot your air purifier?

The air purifier does not work

Check the power cord if the purifier does not turn on after you press the power button. Is the cable properly connected? If not, make sure it’s plugged into a working outlet. A faulty outlet is another possibility.

Try to plug the power cord into a different outlet. Is it still not working? Another possibility is that the power rating is incorrect. The total electricity generation required for the purifier’s normal operation is referred to as its power rating. Make sure the outlet has the appropriate rating to guarantee the purifier’s efficient functioning.

If the power cord becomes damaged, stop using the purifier and consult the brand’s support team.

The controls are inactive

Touch control systems or push buttons are available on modern air purifiers. The control systems may fail to respond at times. Possible causes also include air purifiers not being integrated into an outlet or the filtration cover not being properly positioned.

Connect to an outlet with the appropriately rated power if the power cord is not plugged in. Replace the filtration cover as specified by the manufacturer.

It is possible that the source of the unresponsive controls is malfunctioning control. If you determine that this is the cause of the problem, unplug the air purifier from the outlet. For assistance, contact the brand’s support team.

While running, the air purifier makes strange noises

When the purifier is running, you may hear strange noises. Possible causes include incorrectly installed filters or air filters that need to be replaced.

Another possibility is the presence of a foreign object within the unit. Follow the recommended guidelines in the owner’s manual to replace the filters. It takes at least 15 minutes to replace, and most designs don’t require any tools.

Check that the filters are properly installed. Also, make sure the cover is properly fitted. If the noise persists, there is a foreign object inside the unit. Do not attempt to open the unit.

Turn off the purifier, unplug it from the outlet, and contact the customer service team.

Unusual Odor Originating From the Purifier’s Outlet

A purifier’s air news source should be disseminating clean, fresh air throughout the room. If you detect an unusual odor, it indicates that odors or heavy smoke are present in the room.

The smoke and odors may have come from preparing food or tobacco cigarettes indoors. It can also come from outside, as is popular with biomass burning.

You should be aware that excessive smoke and odors can impair the filtration system’s performance. Ventilate the room before turning on the air purifier. Leave the windows and doors open for 30 minutes to an hour. Close the windows and turn on the air purifier once the smoke has cleared.

Wrapping Up!

It’s important to realize that the majority of problems with your air purifier are caused by poor maintenance. The performance of your air purifier will struggle if you do not clean it or replace the filters as instructed. Vacuum the intake grill, pre-filter, and purifier body at least once a week. Purchase the original from the manufacturer’s website before replacing a filter. The use of genuine filters ensures that your purifier continues to provide clean, fresh air in your home.

Don’t ever open the unit until you’ve read the owner’s manual. Before using the air purifier, often ask the service team.


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