Boiling Water Vs Water Purifiers: Is There A Difference?

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For some people, it is instinctive. Upon entering their hotel room during a holiday, the first thing they do is look for the electric kettle and boil some water.

The notion of boiling tap water for drinking is very common and widely practised. But with the vast array of water dispensers and purifiers today in the market, is boiling water still necessary? Or perhaps the question should be: Is boiling water the most effective method for obtaining clean drinking water?

Why do people boil water for drinking?

First, let’s take a look at the merits of boiling water for drinking.

Boiling water is regarded as a method to make water suitable for drinking because the heat kills off most bacteria and viruses which may otherwise be present in tap water. Of course, boiling is also a relatively accessible method because all you need is a kettle and a heat source. Thus, in most homes, boiling water is the default method for preparing drinking water.

However, boiling water is not a foolproof method for making water safe to drink. If there are any chemicals in the water like lead, mercury, or chlorine, these won’t be removed through the boiling process. In a country like Singapore, these may not be as much of a concern because our tap water is generally safe to drink.

Additionally, the process of boiling water is time-consuming. Not only will you need to wait for the water to boil, you will also need to wait for it to cool. Most people get around this by boiling a large amount of water for use throughout the day.

Is there an alternative to boiling water?

While boiling water is quite a sufficient method for obtaining drinking water in Singapore, there are also better ways to go about it. In fact, drinking water straight from the tap is supposed to be safe, too, but people still boil water. Why? Because it offers them one more level of assurance.

While tap water is labelled as ‘safe’, it is definitely not the purest water you can get for drinking. Along the journey that tap water takes through the pipes to your home, it still has opportunities to be contaminated.

An even safer option for getting drinking water is with a water purifier dispenser.

What are the advantages of a water purifier dispenser?

A water purifier-cum-dispenser is a highly convenient addition to any home or office. You no longer have to wait for the water to boil. With a hot and cold water purifier, you can get water of your preferred temperature at any time.

The filtration features of a water purifier also give you an added assurance against harmful pollutants and chemicals in your drinking water. Not only should a good quality water purifier filter out debris and particles, but it should also remove chemicals and bacteria to give you excellent-grade drinking water.

Of course, the downside of having a water purifier dispenser is the added cost you need to purchase a reliable one. It will also take up some space on your kitchen counter. However, all that is changing – with water dispenser promotions in Singapore, you can get these appliances at more affordable prices than before. Additionally, there are increasingly more designs and options of water dispensers to cater to the style-conscious and space-tight home.

Ultimately, we see that boiling water is a method that is good enough for most people, but water dispensers potentially offer additional safeguards for your health and wellbeing. But why take the chance? Invest in a water purifier today to give yourself and your family the best drinking water you can get!


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