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Purikool is a well-established water purifier company that imports its high-quality products from Korea. Looking to provide convenience and value to consumers, they have become the leading source of direct piping water dispensers in Singapore. Among their suite of products is the luxurious Puri Jiksoo OHC 7000D. This dispenser has been designed to ensure that no contaminants get into your water, not even from your kitchen. Its nozzle is hidden and only slides out when you are ready to dispense water, blocking contamination from the air. Once the nozzle slides in, it activates a UV light sterilisation system, which destroys any germs that may have made its way on the opening. Hidden in the sleek case is a compact but efficient filtration system, including a Sedi Carbon Block filter to remove rust, chloroform, chlorine and debris, as well as a UF Block Composite filter which removes gases, bad odour and harmful bacteria and viruses.

The filters have long lifespans of 6 months for the former and 12 months for the latter. Even when you need to replace them, the filters are packed into single containers, making changing them a breeze. As for the inner flow pipes, they maintain themselves with a self-flushing electrolytic cleaning system. To top it off, with The Puri Jiksoo’s intuitive, easy touch panel, you can pick out specific volumes and temperatures of water that you want to dispense, providing an all-in-one package for your water dispensing needs.




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