Puri Jiksoo ODT-004DU Metal Grey (Stock Comes in Mid July)

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[New Edition] Sleek and Stylish Tankless Water Purifier
  • Seller FREE delivery and standard installation
  • 1 Yrs Warranty for Parts and Labour + Extra 1 Yr Warranty for Parts only from Photo Review Event
  • 3 Year Filter Set (Included dispenser inside)

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Puri Jiksoo features a modern, sleek design that will fit perfectly in any kitchen. It filters dirt, sediments, sand particles, and bacteria. Removes foul taste and odor from your faucet water, making it ready to drink anytime.

Puri Jiksoo is perfectly capable of dispensing cold, room, warm and hot water. UV-Automated sterilization keeps your water clean and healthy. Upgrade your lifestyle with the latest water purifier with the best Korean Technology. You get exactly what you need with a tap of a button – clean drinking water just the way you like it.



Dimension: 182(W) x 509(D) x 403mm(H)
Net Weight: 9.2kg
Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Heating type: Instant Heating
Cooling Type: Instant Cooling
Power Consumption: 23w(Cooling), 2600w(Heating)

Cold Temperature: 4°C
Room Temperature: 27°C
Warm Temperature: 45°C
Hot Temperature: 87°C
Water Pressure: 1 bar ~ 7 bar
Water Supply Temperature: 5 ~ 35°C(Heating)


Shipping Info

1. Shipping Info :

Please leave a comments for preferred delivery date and time upon order.
we will try to match your requirement if possible.
Operation Hour : 10AM ~ 6PM for weekday, 10AM ~ 2PM for Saturday.
Once confirmed order, we will contact you within 1 ~ 2 working days to arrange a schedule.

2. Delivery Option :

  • Seller Delivery & Installation : Our team will serve you directly.
  • Seller Delivery (if you purchase the filter or accessories only) : Our team will deliver directly.
  • Self-Collection : You need to come to our office to collect before you must inform us in advance.


3. Installation Requirement :

  • If tank type : It requires 1 x water point(within 5m) & 1 x power point(within 1.5m)
  • If tankless type : It requires 1 x water point(within 5m), 1 x water outlet point(within 5m) & 1 x power point(within 1.5m)
  • If your house is under renovation, please contact us to check. our team will assist you
  • If needed, we provide to drill a hole for kitchen top and cabinet partitions
    (Except the natural marble, granite and concrete top or partition are subject to extra charge)
  • Please note that after 1st Warranty period, basic service fee will be apply.


4. Notice :

  • If you are not using our model, please contact us before you order for maintenance, filter or accessories.
  • If you are not sure anything, please contact us so that we can make you clear to place an order.
  • For maintenance schedule, you can delay maximum 1 month with reasonable reason only.
    if you postpone more than 1 month, we will charge $40/trip and following up schedule will be due base on your installation date.
  • For maintenance package, we are not allow to engage our maintenance package if the schedule is overdue. In this case, you have to engage our one time service first. If you are not sure, please contact us before you place an order.
  • if it is not eligible order, we won’t be responsible.


Thank you.

Refund/Exchange Policy

1. Refund/Cancellations

  • Refunds and cancellations before delivery & within 7days (Transaction Fee will be applicable)
  • Refunds and cancellations cannot be accepted if the delivery request is delayed for one month without reasonable cause.
  • In case of cancel/refund due to change of your mind within a week, you are responsible for the cost of cancellation (Minimum $200 + Transaction Fee)
  • If you make wrong order and claim within 7 days to us, you will accept the refund but transaction fee will be applicable
  • If you takes more than 7days after purchased, we couldn’t accept the refunds or cancellations.


2. Exchange the Item

we are able to exchange the item as per below cases.

  • if the items has critical issues like compressor spoiled, gas leaking or heating element spoiled lesser than 3 months
  • if it has same issue more than 3 times for the 1st year
  • if the manufacturer agreed to exchange for the 1st year

please take a note that all accessories like drip tray box, existing filters & user manual…etc need be used back.

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4 reviews
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4 reviews for Puri Jiksoo ODT-004DU Metal Grey (Stock Comes in Mid July)

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