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Puri Jiksoo (White) & CubeOn Air purifier bundle sales with Best condition
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  • ODT-004DU & PK-A550: 1st Yr Warranty for Parts and Labour + Extra 2 Yr Warranty for Parts only from Photo Review Event
  • FREE GIFTS: ODT-004DU(Grey) 3 Year Filter Set(Included dispenser inside) & PK-A550 1 Air filter(included Air Purifier inside)
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Get the best of both worlds with Puri Jiksoo Air Purifier and CubeOn Air Purifier. Complete your healthy lifestyle with this bundle and improve your quality of life. Purikool assures you that all products can be safely used around your family.

Puri Jiksoo is a tankless water purifier with nozzle sterilization, internal path sterilization, and a four-stage filter system. Complete your healthy lifestyle with CubeOn Air Purifier with a 5-in-1 HEPA filter and UV sterilization. Get sterilized air for your space to keep everyone safe. Purikool will push the boundaries to meet the standards of luxury without breaking the buck. Our promise is to provide excellent quality products without performance limitations.


Specifications – Puri Jiksoo ODT-004DU Metal Grey:

Dimension: 182(W) x 509(D) x 403mm(H)
Net Weight: 9.2kg
Input Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Heating type: Instant Heating
Cooling Type: Instant Cooling
Power Consumption: 23w(Cooling), 2600w(Heating)

Cold Temperature: 4°C
Room Temperature: 27°C
Warm Temperature: 45°C
Hot Temperature: 87°C
Water Pressure: 1 bar ~ 7 bar
Water Supply Temperature: 5 ~ 35°C(Heating)


Specifications – PK-A550 CubeOn Air purifier:

Product Name: CubeOn Air Purifier
Model Number: PK-A550
Net Weight / Gross Weight: 9.5/11kg
CADR: 650m3/h
Rated Voltage: 230V~
Rated Frequency: 50HZ

Rated Power: 43W
Product Material: ABS
Application Area: 80m2 (860ft2)
Noise: 35-60dB(A)
Product Size: 350x341x750mm